Nobody signs up for a retreat or enrolls in a workshop expecting to cancel their trip, but unplanned circumstances do occur and if you think it can’t happen to you – alas, it can.

We highly recommend you purchase travel insurance. The reason we are so keen on you having trip insurance is because it protects you if you have an unexpected change in travel plans, and it protects your health and well-being on your trip.

Here is an example. Let’s assume you are signed up for a retreat or workshop and hurt your leg a week before the trip. If you have no trip insurance, you will call us on the telephone and we will be very sad to tell you there is no refund – because our costs are mostly sunk costs (un-reimbursable to us) and you might have displaced someone who otherwise could have gone on the retreat/workshop. You might then be unhappy with us, even though you took the risk of not getting travel insurance. If you do have trip insurance, you will receive your entire airfare and trip cost from the insurance company (provided your reason for cancellation is a covered reason) and can start planning for your next retreat! Trip insurance need not be expensive, costing in the range of $60-$300 for most of our retreats (depending on your age, trip cost and type of coverage).

Additionally, with the changes in health care laws (in the US), many health insurance programs no longer cover travel abroad or even, sometimes, out of your home state.

NOTE: Plans and companies vary in what they cover and under what circumstances. Be sure you understand the coverage provided by the plan you choose.

Some suggested companies:

NOTE: worldnomads offers some of the most inexpensive options. It’s very simple to get, and has been well-recommended by past participants. I purchase this insurance myself. However, you must be under 70 years of age.  Enter your trip details. Get quotes from top-rated companies. Compare plans, prices and benefits.