Set deep in the magnificent Val d’Orcia countryside with mesmerizing views in every direction, the historic Spedalone property is a rare gem, off the tourist path. The landscape here in its entirety is recognized by UNESCO as a world-heritage monument. The hand of man has worked in harmony with nature for millennia, creating a visual masterpiece, which we can recognize as nearly unchanged from the scenes forming the backdrops of Italian Renaissance painting. The nearby town, Pienza, is known as “the Jewel of the Renaissance", and has been called "the city created by a dream". You will discover what speaks to you from these ancient places when you explore with your own eyes (carried by your own pedal-power!) Sublime vistas, old stone architecture, Renaissance paintings, gardens, olive groves, lovely people, pool, animals, and vast skies await, all bathed in the perennial, magical light of Italy.