With gratitude for all of the fantastic people who make these retreats magic. A few of our traveler's reviews:

What could be better than a holiday in Tuscany?  A biking & yoga holiday with fabulous Julia in Tuscany!  Julia was a world class professional mountain biker in a former life, and is currently one of the best yoga teachers, and a professional artist.  She is super organized, speaks the languages, very caring, and has the most energy & passion of anyone I know.  She has wonderful, talented friends who will become your friends, too, as she takes you to Pienza and around.  You’ll cycle with her expert cycling guides, who are a family of wine makers and artists with one of the first private wineries in Tuscany - which you get to visit!  The food!  The wine!  Julia’s friends have the best.  Stay at a stunning old stone farmhouse (run by her friends) with inside & outside yoga studios & the best cappuccinos.  And the secret charming places Julia knows; I could go on. . .  And I am - going on her trips again & again!  
— Tricia Armstrong
Such a fantastic experience! The food, the wine, the places, the people, the yoga and the endless adventures I will never forget and I only yearn to be immersed in such a life as soon as I can. You are a strong light Julia that I just adore. Thank you so much for Tuscany!
— Jane Abbott
Along with your Italian friends you shared so much beauty and grace with all of us. Italy is of course amazing, but would not have been the same without all of you. You created such magic it really moved the spirit of Italy down into a deep cellular level. We were all very lucky! So thanks again.
— – Kim Evans
Grazie seems like such a small word to use when one wants to convey deep thanks and appreciation to someone – molte grazie doesn’t really cover it either, however I hope you accept my sincere gratitude for Everything you did for me this week – that includes the things you did that I am not even aware of or forgot to thank you for ! I learned a lot from you and enjoyed every moment so much. You are an amazing person and leader!
— Jacqueline Zimmer
Julia, thank you for opening my eyes to yoga and the art of mindfulness Thank you for bringing art history to life while biking and touring the towns. You are an incredible woman and I feel so blessed to be a part of this Tuscany experience! We’ll be back – hopefully with our husbands!
— - Amy Amundsen
Thank you so much for sharing your passion for Italy and for yoga and for life with us. We created memories that will last a lifetime and return to the States refreshed and renewed. We deeply appreciated all the details you prepared to make every meal, every destination and every day so perfect. I hope our paths will cross again in a meaningful way. Thank you for sharing your abundant wisdom with us. Fondly,
— Judith Schindler and Chip Wallace
The past week has allowed me to fully realize the impacts of our amazing experience together in Tuscany. I’d say – without a doubt – that this was the experience of a lifetime.
— Keira Ritter
What an amazing adventure! Thank you for sharing your immense joy and talent. I leave inspired and stronger knowing my heart, and mind, and body will continue this yoga journey. I leave renewed! You are a blessing and a light-being and I feel very privileged to know you. And did you notice? Fausto never missed a yoga session!
— Georgia Fillice
I wish I was going again! It was one of my best holidays ever. Thanks for everything Julia!
— Deb Kallis
It has been 2 years since my daughter and I attended the retreat in Toscana, I can’t tell you how often we still recount this trip! From the time we met up with Julia in Florence to the day she took us back to the airport we agreed that was the best trip we have ever taken.
Julia is the full package! Not only does she have a great personality - she has great knowledge of Italy and the language, art, yoga... and the list goes on. The towns, museums, restaurants Julia took us to we never would have found on our own. Where ever we went people took a liking to Julia and immediately treated us as special guests.
When the timing is right I plan to do this retreat again and maybe even again! Thank you for putting together such a wonderfully full package!
— Lauren Chancer
I absolutely love your painting I brought home from our incredible Tuscany trip – it reminds me each day to “let my head bow to my heart.” Since our retreat I have been inspired to pursue my passion for food and will begin culinary arts school in January! I cannot thank you enough for the encouragement to step into a journey of actually living life – this trip was truly incredible.
— Deb Brunson
Long after I’ve returned home - Tuscany’s magic is still with me and pops up everywhere! You are an amazing retreat leader. Everyday was a gift. Thank you! I just feel happy every time I think of Italy and how special my introduction to it was – because of You. I do not hesitate in letting others know how wonderful your retreats are!
— Christine Leffler
Cara Julia, from all of us on the “Squadra Toscana”: GRAZIE! We had a fantastic, unforgettable time! The entire experience exceeded expectations beyond words – and they were high!
— Trish, Dave, Karen, Tim, Georgia, Fausto, Denise, and Christine
Words cannot express the joy that I found in my time with you and the group in Tuscany. It was wonderful and so good for my soul. You are such a jewel. Con molto gratitudine.
— Pat Morrow
I have to catch myself, the moments I fall back into crazy/busy mode, and just “breathe” and remember how wonderful it was to find that feeling while in Tuscany.
Thank you so much for everything...for who you are...for your amazing realness, generosity and above all - your genuine heart and soul!! I can’t really put into words how invaluable the trip to Italia was for me, but it sits deep within in me as my “most” favorite experience of all times!
— – Lori Spidle
We both had the best time, I want to say – ever! I was so blown-away with life in Tuscany, the skies, the mountains, the churches, people. We were SO blessed to have you come into our lives. I want to say you have a magic that very few are blessed with. Your inner beauty, talent, patience, you bring out the best in everyone around you.
— Maggie Chancer
I cannot express to you, Miss Julia, how empowered you made me feel. I felt my light grow and accept life as it encountered your bright soul. Your knowledge and depth know no bounds and I was so enlightened in your presence. That week has marked itself upon my being and the happiness and thirst I feel for life is even more profound.
— Emily Abbott