I signed up for Dean’s painting course hoping to improve my painting skills.
But I left with so much more.
When it comes to painting courses there are loads out there with good painters who aren’t very good at teaching. Dean is both a great painter and teacher. He has a calm and logical method of teaching that truly inspired and connected with me.
Dean made me aware of the gaps in my knowledge that were preventing me from moving forward. I now have a much better understanding of how to critique my own work and this alone has made a huge difference.
Dean is so knowledgeable and passionate about art and with Jo they make a wonderful team. I was delighted to find that you get “two for one” as Jo offered some great tips when I was struggling.
I am now building a body of work knowing how to look at my work objectively…
Not only was the course both fun and challenging but Dean’s direct feedback for improving my painting was invaluable. I cannot speak highly enough of this course!
— Nina Stallwood, UK
Painting for the week with Dean, Jo and the wonderful group we had was truly a dream for me. They created ideal conditions for sweating and stuggling it out in front of the easel and the stunning views all day long, always knowing that we had a comfortable and supportive place to come back to with delicious meals when we needed them. The concepts Dean introduced were not new to me with my extensive training with the JSS and my painting alone now for about 12 years, but the clear and concise reminders he gave us everyday and his demonstrations helped me break out of some constricting and limiting habits I had gotten into over the years. Dean’s kind encouragement made me much more aware of my strengths. I feel I am using them much more freely now and pushing myself to experiment from a place of confidence. Thank you Dean and Jo! It was well worth the investment
— Lucy Sharf
The week we spent painting with you and Jo was fabulous; everything I wanted. The breakfast discussions about art concepts, with examples of historic and contemporary artists made for a great way to start the day. The demos we’re the best! I learn a lot from watching you paint. I also appreciated the critiques you provided while visiting me at my easel. I probably learned more from your “over the shoulder” guidance and positive feedback. Marcell enjoyed his first painting trip; thank you for being his first teachers. I hope to see you again soon,
— Kathleen Gadway, USA
Thank you for the wonderful week of art immersion beginning with inspiring imagery over coffee. The persuasive power of your suggestions for thumbnails, as well as daily focus on planes, massing, color flow, chroma, etc. were the exact right notes to start each day. Most of all, thanks for your sensitive teaching approach - your comments were always easy to accept and right on the mark... having a gifted, empowering teacher made it truly bliss. Thank you, Dean! You are an inspiring and empowering teacher - I learned much and grew as a painter.
— Janet Stolle, USA
I learned so much from Dean, if you want to take a step forward in your painting, Dean’s your man.
— Jon Hingston
... Dean’s serious, well-organized instruction, insightfulness and personalized encouragement, combines to form an unparalleled opportunity to develop as a painter.
And, the icing on the cake (or should I say “le glaçage sur le gateau”) are the memorable, instructive suggestions and delightful company offered by Dean’s wife and fellow painter, Jo Robinson. A jolly good time was had by all!
— Mauri Tamarin, USA
…After a daily morning talk by Dean, we all packed up our plein air gear and found spots on the chateau grounds or surrounding areas. And we painted all day. Uninterrupted. For seven days. I’m sure this was not unusual for some of the company but for me, this was a test. I had not painted for more than a few hours at a time. Would I get frustrated and discouraged and give in to the fear that I am no artist? Quit for good? Or would I be able to slow down and see and listen and learn. Find beauty in the simplest things. On about the third day of class it all just clicked. This is what I want and need to do.

Dean’s individual instruction, dedication, encouragement, his passion for art are so inspiring.

He emboldens you to develop your own personal style. He teaches you to see what many people only care to get a glimpse of. And he instills in each student the desire to see more. He is beyond generous in sharing his knowledge and talent and I cannot thank him enough for this opportunity.…

I told Dean the first day that I had hoped this would be a life-changing experience.

And it was. I now know that I want to paint, to draw, to create. I want a life full of art. Regardless of what I produce this is my passion and I am beyond thankful to Dean for helping me realize this. So thank you, Dean. It was wonderful to chase the light with you.
— Kristin Hoffman
…Most notable was the expertise and insight of our instructors, Dean and Josephine, whose knowledge, vision, patience, and guidance made every one of us feel more confident and inspired in our work. I’ll be returning next year!
— Trish Hanlon, USA
…And the most important of all: the infinite inspiration, knowledge and sharing of Dean Fisher, who was always with us and for us at morning lectures and discussions, at virtuosic demonstrations, at responding to requests of each of us with kindness and sensitivity.
— Yana and Yardena, Israel