Morning yoga sessions are a mindful, balanced hatha/vinyasa practice that will awaken and revitalize your body. Energizing and dynamic, with clear, personalized alignment instruction calling on the innate intelligence of the body.

Meaningful traditional yoga infused with some of the latest evolutions in fitness and biomechanics make the practice both accessible, and playfully challenging for all levels.

Our purpose will be to cultivate strength, stability, and connection to ourselves and thereby open with mindfulness and presence to the day ahead.

Afternoon restorative sessions are offered to deepen practice,  balance the nervous system, and learn simple, effective mindfulness practices, including meditation, that help reduce stress and open the heart.  

We will practice in the beautiful, open-air yoga studios with spectacular views of the Aegean Sea. And we will have fun. Namaste!


More about my Yoga Training and Experience

I am a devoted student of yoga with over 25 years of experience. I am a RYT-500 certified teacher, with thousands of hours of training and am continuously learning new things! I am known for my irrepressible enthusiasm for life, beauty, and learning, and my ability to impart these things to my students.

I continue to study actively with great teachers from a variety of backgrounds, to update and infuse my teaching and practice with the latest evolutions in yoga, biomechanics and fitness. I believe that yoga has a multitude of expressions. It can transform and heal us, teaching us to engage everyday life with more ease, joy and clarity. My personal experience of the power of yoga to support and optimize all aspects of my life – health, energy, creativity, connection to a sense of the divine –  fuels my passion for teaching both the art and the science of yoga.

My teaching style emphasizes personalized alignment to honor the innate intelligence of the body, and offers playful challenge to help each student discover her/his own power, beauty, and courage. 

My teaching is influenced by many years of in-depth study in Anusara, Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga with master-teachers Desirée Rumbaugh (ongoing), Noah Mazé, Thomas Fortel, and Richard Freeman. I have a B.A. in philosophy  I’m on the faculty of the Esalen Institute. I live in Big Sur, California.