Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike.
— John F. Kennedy

More About the Bikes and the Biking

Biking is the most magical way to experience authentic Provence with all your senses awake. You can ride at your pace to enjoy and have fun.

The cycling in our area of Provence is out of this world, and it is justly famous. Enthusiasts of every type – from families with little kids to tourists to pro racers travel here from all over Europe to enjoy the biking. Beautiful, scenic little roads with sparse traffic are perfect for discovering the sights, fragrances, and atmosphere of Provence.

We'll be biking on three of our days, starting off after breakfast and returning for a late lunch. One day we'll ride to lunch on a wine estate in Vacqueyras, with option to ride home.

Our guides are local cyclists with their own bike-tour company, 44-5 Cycling, and they've planned three wonderful, varied outings for us.

The rides range from 24 miles to 39 miles (with option to ride just half of this longer day), and the terrain is moderately hilly. 

How to choose your perfect bike:

Electric-assisted bike or road bike?  If you enjoy the challenge of climbing hills (peacefully at your own pace), and you plan to train a bit for the tours, and are familiar with cycling – a road bike could be your choice.

If you don't really enjoy hills, or don't have time to train, or just prefer to have the option to take it easier – then an E-bike is your choice.

Electric-assist bikes are a lot of fun and are extremely popular (and shame-free) in Europe. Yes, you still have to pedal, and you can still get quite a good workout, as you decide how much battery assistance you wish to boost you. You can use the battery all the time, or just when you need it.

Helmets are included. All you need is a pair of tennies if you are riding an e-bike. For a road bike, please indicate type of pedals you would like, and bring your bike shoes.

PS...If you ride an e-bike, you have to promise to wait for me!

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a bicycle and that’s pretty close.
— John Lennon

Important to do right away:

I need to reserve your bike asap to insure your choice will be there for you.

Please send me now: 1. your bike choice, 2. your height, 3. your inseam. Click this to email me



Here are the maps of our rides – Don't be worried. John and Gerry have lots of experience taking guests on these rides – you'll love it!