Greece is the country that offers you the discovery of yourself
— Lawrence Durrell, author

Kalos Ilthate : Welcome! 

Ignite your radiance on this odyssey to magnificent Greece: The land where the gods once walked the earth – and still do – as each one of us. Prepare to feel like a goddess!
In Greek, the word for foreigner is the same as the word for guest: You will be warmly received as an honored guest in Greece, and it feels like coming home to yourself.
Join us on this glorious nine-day retreat to nourish your vitality, luxuriate in the crystalline sea and the pure light, tap deeper currents of wisdom in your body with yoga – and return home revitalized and renewed.



• Morning and afternoon yoga sessions each day
• Beautiful 5-Star Hotel & Spa overlooking Aegialis Bay
• Delicious fresh Greek cuisine (organic whenever possible)
• Healing bodywork and spa treatments
• Exploring Athens' ancient acropolis and Parthenon temple
• Daily beaches, swims, island hikes, and fun local culture adventures
• Mythology, hidden monasteries, villages, and sacred sites
• Time to re-connect with yourself in the spacious peace of this exquisite setting infused with light, free from habit-based daily distractions
• Rejuvenation, fun, and deep relaxation – Greek island style!  

• And, you're Giving Back: your participation in this retreat helps fund our thriving education foundation for young women: Young Cultural Leaders with Spiritual Insight. 

We start in Athens, mythical city of Athena:

Clarity, beauty, light, and power: The Parthenon. "Supreme effort of genius in pursuit of beauty."

Clarity, beauty, light, and power: The Parthenon. "Supreme effort of genius in pursuit of beauty."

The retreat opens on the Hill of Muses for the most magnificent view over ancient Athens. We stay our first night in a beautiful, 4-star hotel overlooking the Acropolis, and we’ll enjoy dinner out that evening, strolling in the vibrant old quarter, Plaka. The following morning we’ll tour the Acropolis, the sacred high-ground of ancient Athens. Guided by an excellent local historian we’ll explore the enigma of the Parthenon, and this ancient culture that holds the very foundation of western civilization. We'll travel by ferry together to the island of Amorgos. There, we’ll stay for a full, luscious week, absorbing the light, the sea, and the life.

Our Days on the island  

Our days begin with  a mindful, balanced hatha/vinyasa practice that will awaken and revitalize your body. Follow yoga by a dip in the sea-water pool before enjoying a bountiful breakfast. The day includes time to lounge on the beaches right below the hotel,  get a massage, or simply relax – and also daily outings with lots of exploring nature and enjoying local culture, history, and healing lore, to enhance your experience of this mythic land where the human hand has worked in harmony with nature for millennia.


Early-risers can enjoy a sunrise coffee and snacks before yoga while admiring Homer's mythic "rosy-fingered dawn" spread her magic colors over sea and sky. Of course you may sleep in!  

Enjoy guided hikes on ancient footpaths to traditional villages and hidden monasteries. Discover how the island’s wild aromatic plants (prized since antiquity for their potent healing powers) are crafted into essential oils by a traditional nature-chemist. Be exhilarated by views of this dramatic island, visit ancient sites perched on cliffs, shop the boutiques in the labyrinthine streets of the villages, or take a boat ride to a tiny island just off the coast, in a traditional fishing caique.

aegialis collage.jpg

Our Retreat Hotel 

On Amorgos, our home is a beautiful 5-star spa hotel with spectacular views, owned by a lovely local family who welcomes us as their own. A path leads to two amazing beaches. All rooms are comfortable, with sea views. The delicious meals are organic as much as possible, straight from the family's gardens. There are several yoga-practice spaces all overlooking the bay, an excellent, full-service spa and a juice bar. (We may never leave!)


I chose this island because of its spectacular magnificence, and its rare, pristine, still unspoiled spirit offering a taste of true, traditional Greek life amid dazzling beauty. 
Amorgos is a magical island where you can slow down, reconnect with nature, and take luxurious care of yourself with nourishing food, abundant sunshine and starlight, healing sea-water and massages. The island has been known since antiquity as possessing a unique and powerful energetic vibration that favors healing, and the aromatic plants that grow wild here are among the most potent in the world.  

My love-affair with Greece dates back to my childhood, when I camped here with my family for entire blissful summers. I'm fascinated with Greek mythology and got my B.A. in philosophy. As an artist, I later attended the Aegean Center for Fine Arts on the island of Paros, and I’ve since travelled to Greece annually for over 20 years: for the light, the unique revitalizing effect of this mythic place, and the unforgettable joy-of-living experienced here with the Greek people. 

Read more about your retreat leader Julia, here

Our Yoga

Greece offers an auspicious and delightful context for the practices of yoga! All levels of yoga experience are welcome, with individual stages of practice to honor and address each student.
Teachings from the wisdom and mindfulness traditions will be integrated in the physical practice, helping us to access greater ease, joy, and well-being in daily life. Over the week we will explore the empowering archetypes of the Greek goddesses of mythology, to discover how they can inform and inspire our daily lives in practical ways. 

Please read more about our yoga sessions here



The whole experience was so rich on so many levels, I can’t begin to describe in words. Most people know Mykonos and Santorini as Greece, but this is wholly something else – especially with your inward guidance through the whole process and experience. I appreciated so much the level of depth that you bring – evident from the beginning with the whole preparation, how you prepare us to make travel like a pilgrimage. And I like it that we can go shopping, too and add that to the pleasures!
This experience reconnected me with the sense of depth that I often lack in my everyday life at home – real connection, creativity, the deeper well from which I draw to nourish my life. You’ve taught us this well is within – and always available so I can replenish and stay (or return) to the track I want to be on, wherever I am.
— Karen Bertrand, CA, USA
I love everything about these trips. (I’ve been on four so far). I love to learn, feel love, experience life and be happy, that’s how I felt on this trip. At every place of peace and sanctuary I gave thanks for being a part of such an amazing experience. The sun on my face, the scent of sage, oregano, the sounds of bells, loved every moment. Thank you Julia for making these trips life-changing and truly heartfelt! Love.
— Jaime Balint, NJ, USA
My first pilgrimage with Julia was the most freeing experience of my life UNTIL the second. Amorgos! This trip was a life changer. I have no idea how Julia wraps yoga, serenity, adventure, spirituality, awe-inspiring sight-seeing and self-awakening into a week – but damn she does it well. Peace and good.
— Chris-Ann Szep, Maryland, USA
I cannot begin to tell you how fabulous this trip/pilgrimage has been. Being with a fantastic group of women/friends in such a gorgeous setting. I did not even imagine this trip would be all of the things and I can’t even list them – spectacular, fun, therapeutic, freeing, beautiful, fulfilling... I am free! It has been a pleasure learning from you.
— Eileen Zielinksi, PA, USA
I feel restored, replenished, renewed. Each day, I could feel one or two more layers letting down. I feel refreshed.
— Amy Garceau, IL, USA
Julia brought another world to me to explore and I am overwhelmed by the experience – something that always felt off limits is actually possible. Time to continue breaking all the other limits that were imposed by myself for no reason at all. I fell in love with Greece, and am empowered to explore.
— Debbie Blehm, CA, USA
Most amazing journey to the beginning of my next chapter. I will take the vibrations of the center of the earth with me forever, these amazing experiences here in magnificent Greece and especially Amorgos, thank you Julia, for revealing such precious gifts!
— Kathy Kunda,
I have been on many of Julia’s retreats, some of them multiple times. Greece was like a drink of light for my soul, not to mention the amazing sea. Come along for the adventure! Julia’s attention to every detail and to the quality of your experience will be impressive. Her passion for what she loves and the willingness and ability to share this with grace, delight and a bright spirit is truly inspiring and will create that truly unique experience. And I always know 
I’ll be hanging out with really cool fellow travelers.
— Juli Trout, CA, USA

If you deconstruct Greece, you will in the end see an olive tree, a grapevine, and a boat remain. That is, with as much, you reconstruct her.
— Odysseas Elytis, poet

What's Included and the Full Scoop:

Retreat Fee: $3500 USD

Almost everything is included in the fee. The retreat is structured so you will have a wonderful experience with great ease.
•8 nights accommodation in a lovely, double-occupancy room with gorgeous view and private bath (1 night in Athens, 4* hotel, 7 nights on Amorgos, 5* hotel). Limited singles available at an additional cost, see below.
•All delicious, organic-when-possible, fresh meals for the retreat, including local wine with dinner (except one lunch out in Athens). Dietary restrictions can be accommodated, just let us know.
•Twice Daily Yoga
•30min Aromatherapy Massage
•Guided tour of the Acropolis in Athens, and the new Acropolis Museum including fees                                                                   •Guided hikes, walks, and visits to monasteries, beaches, villages, and more, including all ground transportation.
•Boat fare from Athens to Amorgos in first-class, cabin included
•Impromptu participation in local activities, festivals, and cultural events as they come up!

(Not included: Airfare to Greece, ground transfer to/from airport in Athens, ferry back to Athens.)

A $500 deposit is due at time of registration to hold your place. The remaining balance is due 90 day before start of the retreat, by Feb. 21 ( for first retreat) or April 11 (for second retreat)  Prices are for shared occupancy. Limited single rooms are available on request with a $500 supplement .  **Special dietary restrictions can be accommodated

Refund Policy terms and conditions


The Greek Odysseys are very popular and fill quickly. It is recommended to reserve your space by placing your deposit for registration early. 

Our group is limited to a small size (up to 12 max) to enhance the quality of the experience, and will be given on a first-come/first-served basis.

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