And here are some answers!

Q: Is there wi-fi at the farmhouse?

A: Yes, there is wi-fi throughout the property. The strength of the signal is stronger in certain areas but these areas are always accessible.

Q: What level of experience is this painting course geared toward?

A: My instruction is geared towards all levels of ability. I have many years of experience working with artists who are at all levels of their artistic development. The majority of each day will be devoted to working one on one with each student to address his or her specific painting needs. It is very beneficial for painters who are starting out to be in the company of more advanced artists, with the right frame of mind this can be an extremely positive experience. The instruction I offer will be inspirational, informative and comprehensive, please read the testimonials below, they are from participants who range from beginners to very advanced painters.

Q: Will a materials list be sent out?

A: There is a detailed materials list for you click here

Q: Can I travel with oil paints?

A: Yes! We travel with our painting kits all the time! Oil paints are absolutely allowed, as long as they are packed in your checked luggage. I’ll provide you with instructions on how to pack easily and as lightly as possible. Please see this link for my packing information.

Q: Should I bring my own turpentine?

A: No, flammable substances aren’t allowed on airplanes. We will provide you with odorless mineral spirits during the course.

Q: What is the best way to pack my art materials for the trip?

A: I’ll provide you with detailed instructions and photos which illustrate the best way to pack everything safely and efficiently. This will be sent out several months before the course date. Please see this link for my packing information.

Q: How will I transport my wet paintings?

A: Not a problem! Most paintings will be dry to the touch in a few days. A few days before the end of the course we will mix a bit of Liquin with our paints which will dry them overnight. This will all be explained in detail in the materials list.

Q: What airport should I fly into and how do I get to the workshop?

A: Please see this link to Travel and Logistics information for planning your trip:

Q: What if my flight arrives late, will I miss the group shuttle to the workshop?

A: We highly recommend arriving in your choice of either Florence or Rome a day or two early. The multiple benefits of this are that you’ll be able to explore a magnificent art city , have time to get over any jet-lag so you’ll be fresh for the course, and you’ll eliminate any anxiety about missing your ride! If you don’t take the planned group shuttle, you will need to pay for your transfer.

Q: Is there laundry service at the Farmhouse?

A: Not officially, but the lovely cleaning staff can be charmed… Plan to wash small items in your sink.

Q: Is there daily maid service in the rooms?

A: Yes, your room will be cleaned daily.

Q:Are there hair dryers in the bathrooms?

A: Yes

Q. Should I purchase travel insurance?

A. Yes. We highly recommended that you purchase travel insurance to protect your trip investment as well as your health and well-being against unforeseen circumstances before or during your trip. Quality travel insurance is widely available and need not be expensive. If you opt not to purchase travel insurance you are assuming a risk! Read more about travel insurance

Suggested companies:



NOTE: worldnomads and Generali offer inexpensive options, are very simple to get, and have been well-recommended by past participants. World Nomads doesn’t insure anyone over 70 years old. I bought Generali most recently.

Event Cancellation: In the unlikely event the program is canceled, all payments will be refunded. Personal expenses including travel expenditures will not be reimbursed, and are considered each individual's own liability.  In the highly unlikely case of event cancellation, a refund of all payments received by Julia Ingersoll shall constitute full and final settlement.

Insurance: The retreat price does not include any insurance coverage, you must purchase your own travel insurance.